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A Case for Human Data Science

"Machines are becoming smarter. But how can we make humans smarter?"is our keynote that addresses why Anelen exists as a human-centric data science company while others focus on blind automation.

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Case Studies

have accumulated case studies over the year. Find out how Anelen can help your organization.

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How to overcome organizational inertia towards data democratization

democratization is the key for your organization to move faster and smarter. We can help with the infrastructure and the best practice.

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ETL service by ANELEN, fully customizable & fully-managed

the data from the source, Transform to your needs, and Load on the data warehouse.

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Data Sprint™: A winning analytics framework for light-speed organizations

Sprint is a framework that makes data science and analytics team deliver maximum business value.

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Product analytics 101: Your app as a leaking funnel

deep background in product analytics dramatically improves the ROI of product development. This article introduces a basic concept of measuring the performance of online applications.

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